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The ReWork Your Life Programme

Are you going around in circles? A serial Googler of career changes, solopreneurs and training courses ? You know you want something new but you're muddled about your skillset and your passions, what is 'realistic', what will be fulfilling and how you will balance it with everything else in your life ... 

You periodically dip a toe into something but soon back off, more full of doubts and questions than excitement and motivation. 

This is an in-depth 1:1 Coaching Programme for those committed to finally making time and headspace to build a full picture of who they really are and what they actually want, both from work and from life as a whole.   

Over 3-5 months we work through a proven framework to take you from confusion and paralysis to clarity and action:   

      Explore who you really are and get clear on your values, passions, interests and strengths to ensure you are headed for work that will properly satisfy you and reinvigorate your sense of purpose in life.

     Identify your work preferences: we nail down your ideal working day, organisation and environment so you can focus on work that fits your current life.

      Keep auditing your other commitments: we keep an eye on other aspects of your life, to see what needs rebalancing to make a move into work realistic and enjoyable.

      Tackle any fears and doubts about your abilities, your confidence levels and give you permission to think bigger!

     Build an Ideas Bank: this is a creative and liberating process, involving everything from your previous profession and fully formed ideas you’ve sat with for ages, to the vaguest notions from your teenage self or the “crazy” ideas that won’t leave you alone but you’re too nervous to mention to other people.      

     Thoroughly investigate which ideas truly match what you’ve learnt is important and motivating to you. Narrow down your choices.

     Design an Action Plan detailing how to move from your current situation to the new vision you have created. 


This programme is based on the ICF accredited Firework method for whom I am a licensed Coach.   

Sorry, I am currently at capacity for my
1-2-1 coaching. I will update this page as slots become available. 

  • FREE introductory call

  • 8 x 1 hour Coaching Sessions via Zoom 

  • Customized Exercises to complete between sessions

  • Access to me in between sessions via email to answer any questions 


(Option to pay in instalments)


Career Fuel Packages

You've stepped into a new job, are going for promotion, becoming a leader, working on your professional messaging and impact, or trying to structure a job search and overhaul your LinkedIn or CV.  But you know that you're in danger of overwhelm, procrastination or wobbly confidence. You need a partner, someone to champion your journey. That's where I come in.


Why not get regular sessions in your diary to keep you on track?

The agenda each session is yours: we can tackle new hurdles (real or imagined!) as they arise, update your goals as you progress and explore new approaches.  I can support you to create a powerful CV or update your LinkedIn profile if that's what you need.

When you need a sounding board, continuing accountability and fearless focus on your career development, these sessions provide the fuel. 

Sorry, I am currently at capacity for my1-2-1 coaching. I will update this page as slots become available. 

  • FREE introductory call

  • 6 x 1 hour Coaching Sessions via Zoom

  • Fortnightly or monthly 

  • Add further packages of 6 sessions as often as you want 


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