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The Five Things Killing Your Career Confidence After Kids

Are you a mum ready to reinvent your career after kids, but plagued by procrastination and self-doubt?

Excited by a new chapter, but going round in circles, wondering what that could look like and how to actually make it happen? 

My FREE guide will get you laser-focused on the Five Things Killing Your Career Confidence After Kids. You will:

✔️Understand the most common practical and mindset barriers to career redesign
✔️Identify where YOU need to focus your efforts to make progress        
✔️ Gain strategies to rebuild your confidence and concrete ideas for action

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Hi! I'm Rachel 

I'm a mum, wife and qualified career and personal development coach.

Before making my very own career pivot, I reported and presented for the BBC for over twenty years. I'm passionate about helping smart women not lose themselves amid the wonders and the challenges of motherhood. Through a proven coaching framework, I help you reconnect with who you are, generate and explore career ideas, and design a concrete action plan to realise the dreams and ambitions you still have. 

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