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Coaching FAQs

What is Coaching?

Coaching is essentially a powerful conversation which is all about you! It's focused on moving you from where you are now to where you want to be. Coaching is about bridging that gap.

It is a chance for you to be listened to and questioned with a precision and depth that rarely happens in other relationships. How long have you been going around in circles with your friends and family, discussing what you could do, should do, want to do, might do? They’ve empathised but not really understood … they’ve dived in with their best advice without truly hearing what you want … demotivated you with their well-meaning “reality check”.


Or perhaps you haven’t even vocalised your ideas. They are all there in your head, periodically unboxed by you and looked at, until your inner critic rubbishes them all and you hurriedly put them away again.  

Coaching allows you to finally get to explore your own agenda.

How can Coaching Help Me?

1.  Build greater self-awareness – you’ll clear the mind-muddle and work out what it is you really want to achieve and why

2.  Identify what drives you and what holds you back 

3.  Question assumptions you routinely make about yourself that limit your options

4.  Open your mind to new and creative approaches

5.  Feel motivated, energised and confident

6.  Develop realistic strategies to take action with commitment and accountability

7.  Reach goals more quickly and effectively than you might manage alone

What Can I Expect?

1.  To explore more deeply who you are, what's important to you, your strengths, passions and skills through a proven but flexible framework

2. To be asked questions which will kick start new thought processes 

3. To have reflected back to you long-established methods of thinking and acting which you have stopped questioning

4. To be supported and encouraged 

5. To be stretched and challenged at a level you are comfortable with

6. To be able to speak honestly and without fear of judgement

7. Total confidentiality

Is Coaching Worth It?

Coaching is an investment – and only you can decide if you feel the time is right to spend money on your future self and what you think that is worth to you.


Remember … Coaching is not a simple one-off expenditure, which leaves you with an elegant new dress or a stylish armchair, which you may or may not still love in a year! Working with a good coach offers a longer-term return on your money by getting results that should make a noticeable difference to your future fulfilment as your children grow up and your life continues to change. And it encourages new ways of thinking about yourself and your needs that can form the foundations of deeper shifts in your outlook.

Two helpful questions are to ask yourself honestly whether you feel you can make progress on your own or will you still be no further forwards in six months? And how much will you regret it if you’re still stuck?

How Do I Know If I'm Right for Coaching?

Coaching is an investment not just of your money, but of your time and energy.


To get real value out of the program I ask you to come with commitment and a willingness to keep moving forwards and taking regular action, even if it occasionally feels stretching or a little bit scary.  


Between our sessions I set creative and engaging exercises which form an important part of the program. I encourage you to put aside an hour or two each week to give these your full focus.


If you are ready to finally make time to explore the future you want and start taking the steps needed to create it,  then you are right for Coaching.

How Can I Feel Confident We're a Good Fit?

Before signing up, it’s really important to make sure I am the right coach for you. I’d  love to hear about your current situation and tell you more about the approach I take with my brilliant clients.


All good coaches will offer you a free, no-obligation consultation so you can ask questions, get clear on whether the support you need matches what’s being offered and see if the chemistry is right. It’s not a bad idea to speak to more than one coach. I’d advise checking they are qualified, checking you like them and then trusting your instinct.


If you’d like to have a pressure-free 30 minute call with me, Let's Connect.

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