Meet Rachel

Certified Career and Personal Development Coach 

Welcome! I’m Rachel Schofield and I’m delighted you found my site …


My story may be similar to yours. I have two teenage daughters, a husband and a career that is a bit “squiggly”.  


For over 20 years I've been a journalist and broadcaster for the BBC. I’ve been full-time, part-time and now freelance. I took a year’s maternity leave with each of our girls and I feel lucky that the nature of my industry and our family income has allowed me to change how I work over time to fit around home life.


I continue to present on the BBC News Channel but have slowly added some event facilitating and podcasting to my portfolio. It took time, some trial and definite error and getting myself out of my comfort zone.  But, eventually - with some upskilling and networking (yes, scary) - I managed to create a satisfying mix of work that gives me a fulfilling professional identity and adds to my sense of self. And I still get to be around a great deal at home for my girls.


I experienced first-hand how challenging and slow it can feel to reshape a career. How moments of wobble and self-doubt can creep in. 


And among the many brilliant mums I know, I kept meeting lots who need to do it from a standing start.


They chose to put work on hold or found they just couldn’t achieve the balance they wanted and opted for some kind of unsatisfactory fudge. They poured the bulk of their energy and skills into raising their young family and are rightly proud to have done so.

Now, as toddlers become teens or home life gets slightly less manic, they are re-emerging … examining who they used to be and wondering


“What do I want to do now?”    


Seeing friends struggle to answer this question led me to expand my own career. Alongside my media work, I am now a fully qualified Personal Development Coach and Firework Career Coach. It’s been a natural progression for me and a logical extension of my decades-long skillset. Like journalism, Coaching combines thoughtful listening, deep questioning and a strong focus on what the future holds. My job and my joy has always been asking powerful questions of interesting people. Why not become one of them? 

I am passionate about helping smart women not lose themselves amid the wonders and the challenges of motherhood. I want us to be able to reconnect with who we were, finally create space to take stock, and find a realistic way to realise the dreams or ambitions we still have. There's a lot of life still to be lived as your children grow. Don't you owe it to yourself to make a conscious choice about how you spend it?   

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