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Meet Rachel

Certified Career and Personal Development Coach 

Welcome! I’m Rachel Schofield and I’m delighted you found my site …


My story may be similar to yours. I have two teenage daughters, a husband and a career that is a bit “squiggly”.  

Before making my very own career pivot, I reported and presented for the BBC for over twenty years. Starting out as a keen young reporter for local TV and radio, moving to Radio 4's "You and Yours" and "Woman's Hour" (yep, Jenni Murray was scary) and then more than a decade presenting for the organisation’s flagship 24-hour News Channel. 

I was full-time, part-time and freelance, changing my work to fit around our family and re-assessing what worked (and what didn't!) after both of my year-long maternity leaves.  


When not enough felt like it was working - practically and in terms of my own job fulfilment - I did what you're doing. Started investigating.


What else could I do with the skills I had? What should I do? What did I want to do? How would I make it happen?

I'm now a fully qualified Personal Development Coach and Firework Career Coach. It’s been a natural progression for me and a logical extension of my decades-long skillset.


Like journalism, Coaching combines thoughtful listening, deep questioning and a strong focus on what the future holds. My job and my joy has always been asking powerful questions of interesting people.

But the shift hasn't been plain sailing. I've experienced first-hand how challenging and slow it can feel to reshape a career. How moments of wobble and self-doubt can creep in. How you need to get out of your comfort zone and commit to forging something new.


So as I've grown my coaching business, it's felt like a no-brainer to focus my work on supporting people like me. Like you. 


People who regularly daydream of a new professional chapter.  People clocking up too many unfulfilling work days. People both excited and scared by the prospect of change. People fed up of talking about what they do with no enthusiasm or hitting ‘Like’ on a friend’s LinkedIn post and noticing an uncomfortable twinge of jealousy.

People examining who they really are and curious to discover


“What do I really want to do now?”    


Because that's exactly what I did. 


I want us all to be able to reconnect with who we are, finally create space to take stock, and find a realistic way to realise the dreams or ambitions we still have.

There's a lot of life still to be lived whether you're in your 30s, 40s, 50s or even 60s!


Don't you owe it to yourself to make a conscious choice about how you spend it?   

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