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Helping you redesign a workable career path after motherhood and regain your identity, confidence and


I love being a Mum .... but I'm ready for more 

Where have the years gone? You’ve chosen to commit a big chunk of your considerable skills, energy and creativity to raising your children. Now they're bigger and you can’t shake the feeling that you're ready for more. But somewhere among the playdates and parents evenings, managing a busy household and making family life run smoothly, you’re worried you’ve lost a little of your old self. You’re so used to making sure everyone else is happy, you're no longer sure what will bring you the most satisfaction.  


You know you want some kind of work, but you still need it to work for you and the family. Should you stick with your familiar industry? Perhaps you’re tempted to retrain? Start up your own business? How much does the money matter? Is volunteering the way forward? A pivot? A course of study?   

You’ve been asking yourself these questions for months, or maybe years, but are no nearer taking action. Your friends and your partner have heard it all. They’ve encouraged you, made suggestions even, but you’re still stuck.  


If this is you, you’re in the right place …

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My ReWork Your Life Coaching will help you ...

Get Total Clarity on who you are: the kind of Work and Life you Want

Fully Explore All Your Career Options

Tackle Your Fears and Build Your Confidence

Design a Concrete Action Plan

Finally Stop Procrastinating and Move Forwards!

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Some ideas, like what you're going to do with your life, take time to form.


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What my Clients say ...

As a result of working with Rachel, I have developed a sense of how I want to work, I have recognised the skills and abilities I had before becoming a mum and I have been coaxed into taking very proactive steps in moving myself forward. Rachel has helped me identify that I am probably the biggest advocate for my own limitations and that I can actually flip that around and advocate for my own unique strengths”

- MG

I came to coaching because I was lacking the motivation to change my situation and that had left me feeling slightly trapped. Rachel helped me rethink my options. I feel far more positive and open-minded about the best path forward and as a result have applied for jobs that I may not have had the courage to apply for previously. Most of all, Coaching has helped me understand myself better … and the direction I should steer my career to allow me to be happier and more fulfilled" 

- SP 

Coaching has given me the opportunity to assess myself and what I want from the future – and then taught me skills to help me make that a reality.  It helped me realise my insecurities can be overcome. Rachel helped me set clear achievable goals and identify any obstacles that may get in the way of helping me reach them. It was incredibly helpful to have Rachel’s support, positivity and encouragement”

- AW